Transition Year students reconnect with Past Pupils to become more College Aware

College Awareness Week 300Transition Year students surrounded by their past pupil interviews on display in the college during College Awareness Week.
College Awareness Week events promote the benefits of going to college and help students of all ages to become college-ready. The ‘event’ organised by the Transition Years at St Mary’s College with the help of their Guidance Counsellor Ms Morgan, involved interviewing former Marist students who are attending or have attended a third level college. Student interviews revealed a variety of interesting facts including qualifications on course completion, careers pursued, subjects studied in college and their link with subject choice in school, the importance of study and the range of clubs and societies to join to further develop interests.

Courses studied were diverse including Psychology, Zoology, Culinary Arts, Computing, Social Science, Web Design, Multimedia Journalism, Marketing, Health and Leisure, Physical Education , Criminal Justice and Game Development to name but a few! Colleges attended include our local DKIT while others moved further afield to Trinity College, University College Dublin, National College of Art and Design, NUI Maynooth, Waterford I.T., I.T. Tralee, University of Manchester and University of Chester. Some of our teachers  also obliged and shared their experience of college. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences, we really appreciate the time and effort you gave to us to complete them.

The Project continues – Past Pupils Get in Touch with us PLEASE at – we would love to hear from you.

College Awareness 3Week 300
More College Aware! Some of the students that interviewed past pupils during College Awareness Week. The project continues – if you are a past pupil we would love to hear from you. Contact the College at

Such was the success of the interviews, the Transition Year students hope to continue with their project and become even more aware by visiting all class groups in the school and encouraging them to interview past pupils. At this significant time in the history of the Marist we are eager to connect with as many former pupils as possible. We would love for you to contact us at if you attended the Marist at any time. Your career paths are of interest to us.