Méabh O’Hagan

Méabh O'Hagan

Climate Action and Sustainability Advisor for Teagasc


  Méabh O’Hagan 
What year did you leave the Marist?   2010
What are your favourite memories of the Marist?   Playing basketball, and Mr Ó Náraighs céilí mór.
Were you a boarder/day pupil?  No boarding in my day. 
What subjects from school are/were most helpful to you?   Chemistry, Biology, English, Geography.
Were you part of any club or team while in school? Memories of this?  I was on the basketball team – great memories of singing on the bus to and from games.
Are you in contact with any of your class?  Yes plenty. 
What has your career path been since you left the Marist?  I went onto college thinking I wanted to do veterinary science, but instead ended up enjoying agricultural science so much I stuck with it and I now work with Teagasc – The Agriculture and Food Development Authority 
If you attended College –what college/s did you attend?   UCD
What course/s did you study?  Bachelor Degree in Animal Science

Masters in Agricultural Innovation and Support

What did the course/s involve – subjects/assessment etc?  Exams, assignments, group work, presentations, on farm practicals, lab work, writing a thesis.

Soil science, animal husbandry, grass production.

Is/was there a lot of study to do?   Yes but lots of fun to be had too.
Can you tell us about what your current job involves?  I am currently working as a Climate Action and Sustainability Advisor for Teagasc. I am working with farmers in Louth, Meath and Dublin to help them reduce the greenhouse gases from their farm to improve the environmental sustainability of Irish agriculture.
What advice would you give to our current Marist students  You don’t need to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18 – enjoy the journey.