Craig Rice

Craig Rice

Financial Accountant

Full name

Craig Rice

5.What year did you sit your Leaving Certificate


6.Were you a boarder/day pupil? 

Day pupil

7.What are your favourite memories of the Marist? 

Ceilí and friends

8.Were you part of any club or team while in school? Memories of this?

Marist Missions – going to Ranong in Thailand

9.What has your career path been since you left the Marist? Required to answer.

Financial Accountant

10.Can you tell us about what your current job involves?

Finance and Accounting

11.If you attended College –what college/s did you attend and what course did you study?? Required to answer.

Dundalk Institute of Technology- Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance
Chartered Accountants Ireland – ACA Exams

12.What did the course involve – subjects/assessment etc? 

Finance and Accounting

13.What subjects from school are/were most helpful to you? Required to answer.

Accounting and Maths

14.What advice would you give to our current Marist students

Enjoy school while you’re there and make the most of it. The more you put in the more you get out later