Student Support Services

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Pastoral Care

In accordance with the College mission statement we strive to create a supportive and caring ethos in St. Mary’s College for each member of its school community.

Year Teams

Each class has a Year Team and an Academic Monitor. They meet the class regularly and work closely with the Year Head to look after the needs of the students in the class group.

Year Heads

Each year group has a Year Head who, whenever possible, remains with that group until 6th year.

Other Pastoral Care Team Members

Other members of the Pastoral Care Team are the Chaplains, Guidance Counsellors, Learning Support Team, Deputy Principals and Principal.

Special Education Needs

St. Mary’s College is committed to the inclusion of all students in our school and endeavours to identify and meet Special Education Needs in as far as is reasonably possible. All students are encouraged to play an active role in College life and are challenged to realize an academic potential in line with their ability level. We have a dedicated Learning Support Team to look after and monitor the progress of students with special educational needs.

Buddy System

St. Mary’s College operates a ‘Buddy  System’  for incoming First Year students. Individual Sixth year students mentor 4-5 new first year students to help them settle into their new school. The 6th years are trained for this role.

Rainbows/Spectrum Programmes

These programmes help young people deal with a significant change in their family due to death and/or separation.

School Completion Continuation Programme

This involves in-school support by a qualified youth worker which involves withdrawing students for one class period a week to help resolve their difficulties.

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