Prize night 2019

St Mary’s College celebrated their annual prize night in style this year. A sixth year student Lauren Mathews Mc Guinness opened the ceremony with a reflection on her six years in the College. She spoke extremely well to a packed audience.

Our keynote speaker on the night was former student Sharon Lennon. She is currently Deputy Director, United Nations Policy Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Sharon hails from Jenkinstown and attended St Mary’s College 17 years ago. The students and guests in attendance were in awe at all she has achieved in that short time. Her words were inspiring in particular to the sixth years who are about to embark on their future careers. Sharon described herself as a typical student who loved sport and chatting to her friends albeit with an avid interest in history and current affairs.

On Prize Night there are many prizes for academic and sporting excellence as well as commitment to school life. We are always delighted to the students who strive for excellence in any field. The two most prestigious prizes on the night are the Marist Education Award and Student of the Year. This year saw two of the most worthy winners in our school’s history step up to collect these prizes. They were Lauren O’Hare and Israel Olatunde respectively. Both students have displayed huge commitment generosity and humility in their many achievements. Israel is one of the country’s leading athletes and yet is willing to share his time with younger students. We look forward to watching his rising star.

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