Pastoral Care in St. Mary’s College

Creation of a coping, supportive and caring ethos in St. Mary’s College

St Mary’s College aims to provide an environment of excellence and care for each member of its school community, based on Christian values. We value an ethos of pastoral care whereby pupils feel that they can approach staff and that staff will respond to such pupils in a caring Christian manner.

More than anything else we seek to nurture positive relationships as the core resource in developing a pastoral approach. We demonstrate our valuing of each person through respect, truth, compassion and challenge. We foster excellence through the highest standards in our teaching, learning, pastoral structures and programmes. Each contributes to and benefits from our community of excellence and care.

The primary aim of the school, through its spiritual and humanistic endeavors, is to promote and develop a sense of community where those entrusted to its care can be brought to the fullness of their human potential in accordance with the teachings of the Gospel. The school, through its academic, pastoral and spiritual undertakings strives to provide for the holistic development and welfare of each of the students in its care.

Guidance Counselling

St Mary’s College believes in providing a support system which allows students to develop their maximum potential intellectually, socially and emotionally. The College employs two Guidance Councillors who seek to provide personal educational and careers advice to the student population.

The Guidance Faculty aims to:

– Foster personal social and intellectual well-being

– Provide guidance that will help students to be successful in their lives

– Assist students in making informed choices about their future education, training and employment

Students experiencing personal difficulties may also avail of counselling with the aim of helping them to discuss, understand and cope with any problems they may experience.

Founder Jean-Claude Colin