Marist Education Authority (MEA)

The Irish Province of the Society of Mary established the Marist Education Authority in 2003 as a body dedicated to proactive education Trusteeship.

It was established, since Marists wished to demonstrate their commitment as owners/ Trustees of the three Marist schools in Ireland, St. Mary’s College Dundalk, Co. Louth, Catholic University School, 89 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin. Chanel College Coolock, Dublin, to the long-term future of these schools and the safeguarding, promotion and development of the Catholic Marist Ethos in them.

The region and its council as Trustees of our three schools have delegated functions of Trusteeship to the Marist Education Authority (MEA) see (Roles and Responsibilities).

The Marist Education Authority is composed of five persons: The Executive Director and four members appointed by the Regional Superior and Council.

The Marist Education Authority is being established by the Irish Province of the Society of Mary as a body dedicated to proactive education trusteeship. Through its establishment, Marists wish to demonstrate their commitment, as owners of the three Marist schools in Ireland, to the long term future of the schools, and the safeguarding, promotion and development of the Catholic and Marist ethos in them.

The Provincial and his Council, as trustees of the schools, recognise that caring for and educating effectively each student within a Catholic and Marist ethos is a core value, and that they have the primary responsibility to create the conditions necessary for this core value to become a reality. This responsibility will be exercised on behalf of the Provincial and his Council by the Marist Education Authority.


In exercising this responsibility, the Marist Education Authority will adopt a partnership approach, recognising that the interdependent relationships and interaction between trustees, management, staff, students and parents are necessary for each school to offer the educational services most suited to its individual circumstances. This approach will take into account that each partner will act at a level appropriate to their influence in the governance of each school depending on their specific mandate, competence and authority.

Core Function

  • Develop Ethos Policies and Enabling Conditions in collaboration with the Stakeholders in each of the schools.
  • Put forward strategies for the implementation of such policies.
  • Propose seminars, staff-gatherings and other Education and Social initiatives etc.
  • Work in close collaboration with School Principals and Boards of Managements.
  • Support any initiatives that will ground and deepen the Spiritual leadership of the school

Marist Family

  • Ireland: Chanel College, Coolock, Dublin, Catholic University School, Leeson Street, Dublin
  • England: St. Mary’s College, Blackburn
  • Germany: Maristengymnasium Fuerstenzell
  • France: Cours Fenelon, Toulon & Bury-Rosaire
  • Spain & Further afield.