Gaeilge 24

The 27th of November saw the students in class 1D of St. Mary’s College, Dundalk take part in the Gaeilge 24 challenge for the sixth time. The aim of this challenge is to inspire young people to speak Irish for 24 hours: at home, at school, in shops, around their hometown, in sports clubs, at youth clubs and everywhere else too!

More schools are taking part every year and the pupils are always enthusiastic about the challenge. This challenge helps to open the minds of young people and allow them to experience the Irish language in a unique and positive way.

Various Irish language games were played in Irish class on the day. The students had to put the srón dearg on Rudolph while blind folded. They listened to modern pop songs with their lyrics translated into Gaeilge by TG Lurgan. Finally, they had a Tráth na gCeist, where great prizes where won. Students won custom made facemasks and mugs with Irish writing on them and selection boxes. Their múinteoir Iníon Ní Dhoirnín also provided the sweets and managed to source some pens, pencils, rulers and stickers from the very generous Foras na Gaeilge.

Every student was asked to raise ten euro for the Conradh na Gaeilge