Dundalk Dog Rescue visit 3E as part of their Action Project

Caitlín, Lauren, Hannah, Kerri & Luka from 3E make a presentation to volunteers from DDR (Dundalk Dog Rescue).

Students in 3E invited Dundalk Dog Rescue (DDR) to the school to find out information on the workings of the voluntary group, which operates in the Dundalk area, as part of their CSPE Action Project.

DDR delivered a PowerPoint presentation to the class on its activities. DDR re-home all dogs that have either been abandoned, strayed or surrendered to the dog pound, unless the dog is deemed dangerous. The dog pound will put dogs to sleep after 5 days if they cannot be re-homed. DDR aims to minimise the amount of dogs that are put to sleep.

DDR can have up to 80 dogs in its care in any one week. It receives minimal government funding and as a result have to engage in many fundraising initiatives.

The students presented DDR with a hamper full of canine treats and homemade dog muffins. The class have committed themselves to engage in some fundraising for DDR in the future as part of their CSPE Action Project!